I live and create my art in the heart of a beautiful region of Southern Burgundy, le Pays Charolais.

Awarded the Diploma in Fine Arts, the French Government has given me the rare distinction of being a
"Master Artist of France" for my work in etching and copperplate and steel-plate engraving.
Prize-winning works have been exhibited in numerous cities in France, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Poland Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and the United States

I have also illustrated books by two of France's leading writers, both members of the Académie Française: Roger Caillois and Marguerite Yourcenar.

In Monaco, I have three times been awarded the World Cup for the most beautiful engraved stamps in 1992, 1994, and 1996, and receive from Prince Rainier III, the decoration of Chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint Charles.

In early2005, I created and am currently president of the association for Stamp Engraving "Art du timbre Gravé" to promote the art form.
My skills in design and engraving in miniature are well-recognized.

My three beliefs are to have eyes open to contemplate Nature, a heart capable of feeling it, and a spirit that dares to follow it into understanding. The ethical joins with the esthetic to nourish these beliefs.
I am always searching for that point where, in luminous freedom, opposites are balanced. In love for all living things, I discover through my designs their anima, their beings, their discrete connections, their complexity which touches and moves us and makes us brush up against their simplicity: the unity of the laws of life.

If my works interest you and you would like information on price and availability of my original designs and engravings (illustrations, portraits, engravings, book-plates, collectors' stamps and banknotes), please contact me at:

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